Frequently Asked Questions

Are rugs hand-woven or machine-made?

All rugs are machine-made Persian rugs.

Where are your rugs being manufactured?

All rugs are being manufactured in the country of Iran, by one of the most modern and sophisticated manufacturers in the world.

What sizes do you carry?

We only carry two sizes of 2m * 3m (6.6 ft * 9.8 ft) and 1.5m * 2m (4.9 ft * 6.6 ft).

What styles and reeds do you carry?

We only carry 42 styles & designs of Persian rugs, in 3 reeds (700, 1200, 1500). The higher the reeds, the more sophisticated and expensive the rug will be.

What are your prices?

The before-tax prices of 2m * 3m rugs are 449, 549, and 649 CAD for 700-, 1200, and 1500-reed rugs, respectively.

Do you offer free rug delivery?

Yes, we offer free Canada-wide delivery. The delivery time be between 2-10 days.

Why the colors of rugs might be different?

The colors shown in pictures might be different from the rugs' actual color, due the natural specifications of rugs and the light.


Do you gurauntee customer satisfaction?

Yes, you can request for refund for any reason of dissatisfaction, up to 30 days, after the payment date, via the contact us form.

Where is your showroom?

We have no physical show room. But we have placed different reeds of rugs at the below store, for customers to understand the quality of different reeds of rugs. But customers still need to place orders via our website:

Unit 9, 151 Bentley St, Markham, ON, L3R 3X9 (9054150111)