All the rugs sold by Canada Persian Rugs are produced by the one of the most sophisticated and modern manufacturers in the entire world. The quality, variation, and pricing are magnificent. There are more than 70 designs, from which you can select your lovely one.

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Our Persian rugs will be an exotic and stunning addition to your home and living space. These rugs are machine-made with proper care and can last for decades. When placed correctly, Persian rugs not only look beautiful, but they can become an eye-catching centerpiece to any room in which they are present. When you buy and use our Persian rugs, your family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors will compliment your selection. Feel free to browse our website to find the Persian rug of your choice.


Add a Touch of Style and Elegance to Your Room

Looking for a reliable and trustworthy online Persian rugs supplier? At Canada Persian Rugs, we specialize in the supply of luxurious machine-made Persian rugs. All our Persian rugs are produced by one the most sophisticated and modern manufacturers in the world. The quality, variation, and pricing are magnificent. There are more than 40 designs from which you can choose from while shopping at our online website.


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At Canada Persian Rugs, we understand the pride our customers take in the appearance of their homes. We know that you have devoted time, energy, and finances to coordinate special living spaces for your family. Our customers know that they can trust us to provide top-notch quality Persian rugs that match their needs, style, and budget. We are known for our dedication to providing exceptional customer service and the finest quality rugs for your home or office.


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As the Persian rugs specialists, the Canada Persian Rugs team is devoted to our crafts, our clients, and our industry. We have brought years of hands-on experience and knowledge for selling Persian rugs. We only sell the finest quality rugs from top manufacturers in the world. More importantly, we are dedicated to do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers’ needs.


Quality Beyond Expectations

At Canada Persian Rugs, we are dedicated to excellent quality and competitive pricing for all Persian rug buyers in Canada. Our customers are the most valuable assets, which we put them first and offer innovative customer experience that benefit our large Canadian client base. Our first-class customer service and commitment to customer satisfaction have made us one of the most trusted online Persian Rug Suppliers in Canada. We stand behind these commitments and principles by providing a fair-price assurance. Our rug collection includes popular carpet styles and traditional antique Persian rugs that appeal to a wide range of clients. As one of our valuable customers, we invite you to view our complete set of Persian rug collections online.


How to Select Your Persian Rugs

Persian rugs come in many variations. They can have varied materials, colors, styles, and so forth. As the popular adage goes, “Knowledge is Power”, and knowing what to look for, when it comes to buying a Persian rug, will help you be more informed and confident in what to look for. The top factors to consider when choosing a Persian rug include:

  • Knot Count: Traditional Persian rugs are usually hand-woven on a loom. Thus, it is imperative to look out for the knot count. A quality Persian rug should normally have at least 120 knots per square inch. Machine-made rugs will have a soft backing with a few bigger knots and a clear testimony to being woven by machine, because machine-made rugs will raise an eyebrow, due to its knot uniformity.
  • Material: Traditional Persian carpets are commonly made of silk, wool, or a wool-silk blend. 100% pure silk rugs have a shiny finish and are quite fine. The quality of wool rugs, on the hand, depends largely on the breed of sheep, time of shearing, and the climate. The combination of silk and wool rugs is another luxurious and expensive style. Wool and silk together create a unique art work, but an expensive one.
  • Color: Persian rugs come in a wide variety of colors. It is important to choose a rug that matches the interior design and hue of your home.


Different Rug Types

The terms, "symmetrical" and "asymmetrical", are used to describe the type of knot-weaving technique, used to fashion the rug as a whole. Here is a brief guide to the main characteristics and the fundamentals of rugs:

  • Knot - Knots may vary, depending on the weaving traditions of the culture.
  • Tuft - Tuft is a gathered collection of fabric.
  • Point - A point is a gathered collection of pile.
  • Pile - Pile is the visible fibers of the carpet. This is usually the "shag" and is evened off, during the weaving process and the completion of the rug.
  • Pile Yarn - Yarn is constructed from the excess of knots.
  • Weft Yarn - Weft yarn is used to hold the knots in place.
  • Reeds - Besides the fabric, every rug has two characteristics that define the quality and intricacy, and are often referred to as reeds and density.
  • Density - Density refers to how much pile are in the rug and how tight the tufts are woven together.
  • Pile Height - The pile height is important in deciding how plush you would like the rug to be. The pile height is how high the visible fibers are off the ground, therefore giving plushness. There are usually 3 heights:
    • Low-Pile - under 1/4 of an inch.
    • Medium-Pile - 1/4 - 1/2 of an inch.
    • High-Pile - 1/2 - 3/4 of an inch.


Rug Designs and Coloring Techniques

There can be a large variety in the colors and designs of a single rug. The diverse ecosystem of cultures around the world have contributed to their own artistic elements into the weaving processes of rugs.

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The yarn in rugs can also be dyed to make new shades of colors and abstract designs. It is worth mentioning that one example of this dying process is vegetable-dying. These are naturally-made dyes, from the Earth's vegetation. They can create mysterious shades of blue, green, and other colors.


Rug Sizes

Rugs may come in various shapes, including rectangles, circles, and squares to name a few. Also, here are some examples on the different dimensions:

  • 9'x12' is a nice size, if you are trying to put a comfortable amount of furniture on the rug.
  • 8'x10' and 7'x10' is a wonderful size, if the intended design of the room has the couch on the rug only.
  • If you do not want any furniture on the rug, you can go with a 5'x8' or a 6'x9'.


Now that you have more detailed information on the various sizes and types of rugs, you can make a more accurate decision on the next rug you purchase. If you are interested in buying a rug now, you can browse our inventory to find your perfect rug.


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There are many reasons you should buy an authentic design of Persian rug. The versatility in design, function, and color are what makes them so special. Persian rugs can be expensive, opulent, and extravagant, but they can also be affordable, practical, and durable. At Canada Persian Rugs, we provide a wide selection of machine-made Persian rugs at a competitive price. Visit our online store to learn more.